We get this type of request a lot in the fall, mostly with Corvettes, Classic Cars, and other High Value Vehicles that don’t handle well in the winter months, or are too valuable to be exposed to the elements. It is also great for those people who have multiple vehicles and only drive one per season. The simple solution is to reduce the auto coverage to Comprehensive Coverage, also known as “Comp only”, or “Storage Insurance” for a car that’s in storage and will not being driven for an extended period of time.

Comprehensive Coverage protects a stored vehicle against fire, theft, hail, building collapse, vandalism, and any other damage that could possibly happen to the vehicle while parked, stored in a garage or storage facility. Insurance follows the vehicle, and is not the responsibility of the facility or garage it is stored in. There are some exceptions to reducing your car to this type of coverage, as most insurance companies wont allow it if it is the only vehicle on the policy, or if you have liability only coverage on the car.

You need to keep in mind, that while your vehicle is on Comp Only coverage, it is not insured while driving on public roads. When you want to pull it out of storage and drive it again, you MUST contact us and let us know to add coverage back on when it is going to be driven. Even if it is a one-time drive a short distance from your home to the body shop, dealership or anywhere else. The last thing you need is an accident with no car insurance coverage on the vehicle.

It is not recommended to take a vehicle in and out of storage frequently. This is how mistakes get made. Trying to save money by switching coverage every other month could cost you a fortune if you forget to contact us and drive a vehicle without the right coverage.

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