This post will cover three very important coverages that are available to you through my agency. As usual, we are always prepared to go through these coverage in greater detail to help you better understand them and decide if these coverages are right for your situation.


A policy designed to protect your personal assets against bodily injury and property damage lawsuits in the event your primary underlying insurance limits are exhausted in the event of a large claim. Coverage extends to all members of your family and residents of your household, and covers all owned Autos, Boat, Motorcycle and RV, and can also include UM & UIM protection as well. Limits of up to $5 Million are available.


Floods are the leading cause of property damage claims in the US, and 25% of those claims occur outside of normal flood plain zones. Your Homeowners policy does not cover any losses caused by flooding of any kind, such as the overflow of rivers, dam or levee breakage, clogged storm drains, broken water mains, torrential rain, or melting snow. You will have to be located in a federally declared disaster area to be eligible for FEMA backed loans or assistance, and we are all aware of how that worked out for victims of Hurricane Katrina. The risk of flooding is real, so call us today for more information.


The most important part of any financial plan starts with a life insurance policy in the event of the unthinkable. In most cases, the proceeds are paid to the named beneficiaries tax free and avoid estate taxes and probate court costs. Life insurance will never be able to replace a lost parent or spouse, but it will make sure your family can keep the house, pay the bills, and put the kids through college. How much, and what type of a policy you need depends on what your goals are, and perhaps we should have that conversation soon. Life insurance for kids locks in a very inexpensive rate for their lifetime, and can adapt as their needs change later in life. Alot of Americans have some Life Insurance at work, but 30% have none at all, mostly because an agent like me never asked, or talked to them about it. So as I close this out, I have just one question….


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