Auto Replacement Cost

The “Auto Replacement Cost” DifferenceMost auto insurance policies do not cover the cost of a brand-new vehicle after it is declared a total loss. More often, insurance policies cover the actual cash value of the car before it was damaged, then figure in depreciation, condition and other factors. Even if you just bought a brand-new […]

Corona Virus Update

By now, everyone has heard that Insurance Companies are reducing renewal rates, sending out rebate checks, or implemented a variety of other ways to ease the financial burden on policy holders across the nation. This was done, quite simply because the Corona Virus Outbreak has forced many businesses to close, putting millions of their Employees […]

It’s Pot Hole Season!

Welcome to Pothole season! Potholes are a huge nuisance to drivers these days here in Wisconsin, and especially in the city of Milwaukee. Hitting a pothole and damaging your car is considered a single car accident, which basically means AT FAULT, even though it is almost impossible to safely swerve to avoid them. You can […]

Insure Your Income

You all probably have insurance on your auto, insurance on your house, you may even have insurance on your cell phone, but if you’ve spent your hard-earned income on insuring those parts of your life, are you also insuring that one thing that provides you with those items? Are you insuring your Income? Ask anyone […]