Sorry to break this to you, but summer is over, the kids are back in school and before you know it, the snow will be flying. Before you start to focus on getting into the holiday spirit, this is the perfect time to concentrate on you, your family and your financial wellbeing.

To live a financially sound life, one of the most important foundations to start with is life insurance. There it is – the subject no one ever wants to talk about. I could dazzle you with fun facts about life insurance and all the different plans that are available, but quite simply, if you are married, or recently got married, bought a house, have a few kids, just had a baby, or are saddled with credit card debt, you need life insurance. You really shouldn’t put it off any longer.

Bottom line, you buy a life insurance policy for a specific amount, you name the beneficiaries, and in the event of your death, they get that amount, paid directly to them, with no probate delays, no court cost, and in most cases, tax free.

A life insurance policy will keep your family together, pay the rent or mortgage, pay the bills, pay for college, and keep them in the lifestyle they’ve been accustomed to. Since the year 2000, insurance companies have paid out nearly $865 billion to families just like yours.

Since opening my agency in 1995, I have always tried to stay ahead of the curve for you, keeping up with social media, and offering new lines like Legal Shield with Identity Theft Protection Package, which is available for review on my website, as well as adding new companies to enhance your auto, home and business insurance.

I was talking with one of my clients last week about life insurance, and his exact comment was…”I didn’t know you sold Life Insurance.” I need to get the message out loud and clear – I sell life insurance!

People buy life insurance for two reasons…..They Owe somebody, or they Love somebody!

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